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Install and launch PokerPro on your computer

PokerPro is a free poker tracking application designed specifically for brick and mortar players on gambling trips. A standalone offline app designed with portability and simplicity in mind, PokerPro makes looking and/or paying for Internet access while abroad to record poker results and analyze trends between playing sessions a thing of the past.


.: Usage

1. Launch PokerPro

Launching PokerPro Screenshot

2. Add game results (or not)

Add Game toolbar screenshot

Add Game dialog screenshot

The summary fields (net result, best location/time) will blink for a couple of seconds if there is any change:

Blinking summary fields screenshot    Post add game screenshot

3. Use the chart in various viewing modes to analyze playing trends visually

Show chart screenshot

Rotating grid screenshot    Overall chart screenshot

Location view button screenshot

Location chart screenshot

That's it, really.  Click on the link below to see a more detailed user manual.

View the PokerPro user manual


.: Suggestions, Bugs, Etc.

Please email razor@razorware.org to discuss anything PokerPro related.

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