.: Mob Wars Snitch

Mob Wars Snitch Screenshot

Install and launch Mob Wars Snitch on your computer

(Firefox users may need to install the FFClickOnce add-on first)

Mob Wars Snitch is a free desktop add-on for the popular Facebook game, Mob Wars.  Users are notified of game events such as attacks, hits and deaths in real time through the use of modern desktop multimedia capabilities, even when not actively logged in to the game.  The end result is a much more intense gaming experience.  Getting "punched in the face" just got a lot more personal...


.: Usage

1. Launch Mob Wars Snitch

Launching Mob Wars Snitch Screenshot

2. Click to see update details (or not)

Click to launch screenshot

3. "Reset updates" to reset the baseline number of updates

Reset Updates screenshot

4. Fuggettaboutit!  Mob Wars Snitch will notify you when you have new updates!

Idle Status screenshot

That's it, really.  Click on the link below to see a more detailed user manual.

View the Mob Wars Snitch user manual


.: Suggestions, Bugs, Etc.

Please email razor@razorware.org to discuss anything Mob Wars Snitch related.

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