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Razorware.org is committed to enhancing the online experience through the tight integration of modern web applications with cutting edge desktop technology.

We've developed a simple framework which will allow us to rapidly create client side apps for any modern standards conforming web application that can take the user experience to the next level.

Please have a look at our latest project, PokerPro.  A simple poker tracking application designed with the brick and mortar player in mind.  Check back here soon for future developments.

"Razor" Rahim


.: PokerPro

PokerPro Screenshot

PokerPro is a free poker tracking application designed specifically for brick and mortar players on gambling trips.  A standalone offline app designed with portability and simplicity in mind, PokerPro makes looking and/or paying for Internet access while abroad to record poker results and analyze trends between playing sessions a thing of the past.

Install and launch PokerPro on your computer

Check out the PokerPro product page


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